Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 18 Freshen Up the Dining Room

The Dining Room

I think the dining room is the most under used room in our house.  We only use this room on holidays.  The rest of the year the dining room table serves as a junk table.  A place to put your stuff while we eat dinner, or a place to put your work bag until tomorrow morning. 

My husband and I purchased our dining room table from the owner of our first house for $100.  We always said we would buy something later, but later never came.  After some carefully thought I don’t think I want a new table anymore, I am hoping my next house does not have a dining room, just a big great room. 

However, I am not moving anytime soon, so I needed to recover the chairs in the meantime.  After I purchased a new sofa and area rug two years ago, my chairs no longer matched the rug. 

My goal for the dining room this week is to recover the chairs, clean, and put out some fall decorations. 

The material looks a bit yellow in the picture however it is not that yellow it is golden. 

The room is clean and the light sparkles.

My Fall decorations look fabulous. 

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