Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 19 Preparing for Christmas

“Be Prepared”
The Scout Motto

I am not sure what blog I saw this idea on I forgot to bookmark it.  However I love the idea.  A place to organize all your lists for Christmas I quickly put this binder together.  It will be a working document this year. 

The categories I put together in the binder to start with are:

1.   Thanksgiving at the Cabin
2.   Thanksgiving at Home
*Every other year we celebrate Thanksgiving up at the cabin with my parents.  So I have two pages for this event depending where we are. 

3.   November/December Calendar
4.   Family Christmas Dinner this year is December 15th
5.   Christmas Eve Dinner (aka Andy’s Birthday)
6.   Christmas Day Breakfast
7.   Family Gifts
8.   S. Family Gifts
9.   B. Family Gifts
10.Gifts for Friends
11. Gifts for my 25 students
12. Cookie Making
13. Decorating

My plan is to do at least one or two things a day to get ready so hopefully I will not be stressed out on Christmas

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