Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 28 Cleaning the Ugliest Thing in my Home

This was not on my list of things to do…….however it was just screaming and screaming at me.  Every time I clean the bathrooms I look at the cleaning bucket and think, YUCK this bucket is disgusting.  I really need to clean it when I get a chance.  However that chance never comes or I never remember. 

Today when I went into the laundry room the bucket was sitting on my washer and I thought….today is the day.  What a better way to take care of something in my home than to clean this bucket.  I do not want something this disgusting in my home. 

It took me all of 10 minutes to clean the bucket and I used the bathroom cleaner to clean it.    

Now the next time I go to Target I will pick up a new brush for the toilet.

Little by little my home is looking better :)

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