Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 29 The Key to Organizing

I wish I taken a picture at the beginning of this project.  If I did I think it would have looked like this picture I found on google images. 

The inspiration for this project came when my son asked me if I had a key to his car?  Good Question?  We have tons of keys hanging in the closet and even more keys just lying around the key box.  Nothing was labeled.

Then I saw, Toni’s key organization at ABFOL and I thought, brilliant!  That is so simple even I can do accomplish that!

I stopped at the hardware store and picked up these little key tabs for thirty cents each and a few more gold hooks. 

I sat down and went through all the keys and labeled them. 
I added more hooks to the bottom piece of wood.  Our daily keys will go on the bottom and our family keys will go on the top. 

Keys that we only use once in a while or our extras will go in the key box. 

Another little project which makes my home life just a little bit more organized.  Yeah!  BTW, Andy I have two keys for your car!  

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Tiffany Richert said...

Thanks for this lovely idea! I'd be using this to organize my keys too!

Tiffany G. Richert, A Proponent of Simple Living