Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 31 The Basement Storage Area

  “Do Your Best Everyday to Improve and Grow.”
The Seed By:  Jon Gordon

I don’t know about you but our basement storage area is constantly in need of help.  It is the dumping ground for everything.

If I asked someone to take something downstairs and put it away, they will most like just drop in somewhere in the storage area and claim they have no idea where it goes. 

I often try to organize and clean the area but I feel like it is useless.  I am still saving things for children who have not yet moved out.  I am saving things for projects that I have not yet completed.  Yikes!!!  I just need to get it together. 

I have cleaned up my gift-wrap area, my school storage area, and my decoration area.  Just a little bit to improve the basement area.  Tomorrow I will move on and attempt to clean and organize one shelf.  

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