Saturday, November 10, 2012

Count Down To Christmas

I don’t want to panic or anything HOWEVER in 35 days my family, that is my husband, four children, one daughter in law, and my son’s girl friend, my father in-law and my parents  Will celebrate Christmas.  I know that is on December 15th.  My son and his wife are going to Florida this year so we have to celebrate early.  

So the count down begins.  My plan is to do something each day so that I am not “freaking out” at the last moment. 

Today’s jobs are simple: 
 1.  Pick out a Christmas card and order them.  
2.    Clean the Family Room,  I like to deep clean each room in the house before I put the Christmas decorations up. 
3.  Write my Christmas/Birthday List

My Christmas and Birthday List 2012

Books I Like

Curvy Jeans from the Gap  59.95  Tall size 14

New Pink Ugg Slippers  120  Size 10

Other Things I Like:
Gift Cards to Starbucks, Pottery Barn, J. Crew, Panera

Homemade Gifts:  Play Lists of Music you think I would enjoy for exercising or for resting

Lunch Dates with Mom would be great too J

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