Tuesday, November 13, 2012

32 Days to Christmas

Love can bring a Smile
That’s how I feel about preparing for Christmas. Smiling!! I like decorating, shopping, and baking, and even some light cleaning.  It is when I am overwhelmed with everything at once that I start to get frustrated.

To avoid that frustrating feeling I have started preparing early.  I am decorating my house already.  I know my husband and son are having a fit. 

My goal today was to work on the Family Room.  I have two more details left and I am waiting for some “Man Power, for one project and I need to order two family pictures for the frames on top of the TV cabinet.

Today I added some details to the letters I picked up at Target.  I put some brown paper behind the letters and tiny clothespins on top.   I think it adds more charm!  :)


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