Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

My Goals for 2013

This is where I am going to start 2013......Asking myself.......
Who do you want to see staring back at you on your 50th birthday?  Yes!  I am going to turn 50 in 2014.  I am not going to run or hide from it instead,  I will take a whole year to prepare get myself to be in a better place and to be a better person and to becoming something more....more grateful, more positive, MORE JOYFUL!  

A Healthy Me!
1.      Eat Healthy/Natural Foods/Limit Sugars and Carbs
2.      Make Morning Exercise a Priority
3.      No Eating after 7pm
4.      Lose 25 pounds
5.      Balance Life and READ

Improve the First Floor of our House
1.   Kitchen Floor
2.   Downstairs Bathroom
3.   Laundry Room
4.   Family Room
Simplify & Organize the Basement Storage Area
Start Family Scrapbooks

Vacation---- Spring/Summer/Winter
Make A Difference at home/at school/ at St. Joseph/ in the greater community
Plan Monthly Dates and monthly Family Events