Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Favorite Things of 2012

My Favorite Things of 2012

I feel like I have gone through a lot of personal growth this year and my mantra has become, “if you don’t love it, you don’t need it.”  I had to apply that to my health as well, “if it doesn’t make you feel good after you eat it, don’t eat it!!!!” 

So I have some new favorite things this year that now are part of my daily routine.

I have developed a love for green tea…….I love starbucks iced green tea
And I have learned to make my own at home as well.

I love my iphone…..calendar, camera, music, and phone all in one device.  LOVE IT!  

My mac laptop continues to be one of my favorite things.   I love what I can create on it. 

I love this Philosophy Melon Daiquiri.

This has become my favorite blog this year.  I love the positive messages each day. 

I have also developed a fondness for the color yellow.

And of course my Calendar Book….which contains my lists, goals, and thoughts.