Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Five Dreams

This is the busiest time of the year and I don’t have much time to myself.  However I am trying my best to exercise each morning at 5:00am.  As I bike each the morning I like to read.  Right now I am reading, Something More.

This morning Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote about the importance of having dreams because our dreams can help direct our goals. 

I decided to write five of my dreams quickly before I forget….

1.     I want to travel someplace…see someplace new.  Ideally I want to go to Italy.  I may have to pick someplace closer to home.

2.    I really really really want to redo my laundry room. 
sorry no source...I don't know where I found this fabulous room

3.     I find myself spending a lot of time in the family room so I would like to brighten up the place a bit.  More White!
 I would like to find a corner to add a little desk for my laptop and ipad. 

4.    A family weekend in Door County… with my children older it is hard to plan something as a family.

5.     I did lose 30 pounds this year, however I would like to lose another 25.  I would also like to get myself and my life more balanced, healthier and JOYFUL!