Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something New Just for Me

A New Organizer

My gift card organizer broke.  This is my second organizer.  
I do a lot of shopping with gift cards.  It is a special program at my school. 

 It is a great fundraiser for our school.  So far I have earned a table for the writing center and an ipad.  Anyways I buy gift cards for most things that I am going to purchase  and I keep the cards in my organizer.

But no more, this organizer broke and the cards continue to fall out.  So I order an organizer from A Time For Everything.  
It is a bit smaller than I had however it is a lot cuter.

I have to put my marker inside because there is not a spot for it and I will have to label it.  However I am waiting to see how I use the dividers first.