Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Friday Finds

I just love the blue candle holders and the blue lamps I found at the Nester this week.  They make the room seem so peaceful and calm. I am on the lookout for something similar.  I am thinking I may have to go with clear....I am always changing my mind when it comes to colors in my house.

I am not sure on the source for this picture however it looks like it is from an old Pottery Barn catalog.  This may be a possible solution for my chalkboard needs in the kitchen.  I really want a chalkboard in the kitchen and the standard framed chalkboards seem too small.  I don't think painting the wall is an option.  This may work.

I went furniture shopping with my daughter today and I fell in love with this kitchen table and the hutch behind it.  So beautiful!

I found this cute phone case however I can not find the source anywhere.  I would love to buy it however I can not figure out where it is from.  I googled heart phone cases.  I tried pinterest.  I have no idea where I found it.  It is soooo cute.