Saturday, February 9, 2013


Lent starts this week…….this is my time for reflection, renewal and prayer.  I also use Lent as my time for Spring cleaning and organizing.  My goal is that when Easter Sunday comes I have a cleaner fresher looking house, mind and body. 

So my plan is do the 40 bags for Lent again this year.  I did this last year and I really loved the process of going through our things and sorting out what we no longer need or use. 

My plan for prayer and healthy eating are combined.  I am going to do a dinner and a prayer each day on my blog.    I will not tell my family that my goal is to find 40 healthy meals during Lent to serve them because I love them very much.  However each day of Lent I will find a prayer of love and serve a healthy meal to them because I love them.  Dinner and a Prayer…….I will not be able to test out the meals ahead of time so I will just have to tell you their real reactions to what I find and cook each day.