Sunday, February 24, 2013

Striving To Be Better

This year is going by fast.  I can not believe that it is already the end of February.  I am embarrassed to say that I am not very far on my bucket list for 2013.  
When I look at the list I notice that I only went on one date with my husband.  Yikes!  I can quickly change that!

I tried to grow some basil plants however that did not go well.

Bathroom/Kitchen Floor/Laundry Room... I am waiting for the estimate.

I am reading more so I am pleased with that.

I have been working on my 40 bags during Lent.

I am slowly retyping my recipe book....very slowly.

I am definitely starting to save for a wedding for my son.

I have thoughts for redecorating the family room, it involves lots of painting.  It may have to be a summer project.

I am working on the organizing the basement right now.

However....the project I should be working on the most....the family photos I seem to be avoiding.  I really need to get working on it.  

Self Evaluation is always good for your soul.  

On my bucket list is also to lose 25 pounds.  The only way I will do that is to change my attitude toward food.  I had a nonsense attitude in the summer however I have let that slip over the holidays and not gone back to my protocol.

If I want to be happy and healthy I need to refocus and get back to choosing food that good for me.  I am just about 50 years old and I should know better by now about what food makes me feel good and what foods are not good for me.  

I get I have limited choices and I just need to accept it and live with it.  If I want to be happy and healthy I just need to follow the protocol and deal with it.

That means no chocolate, no breads, no starches, no junk food,  no process food,  no no no no no no no no no!!!!!
Just Deal With It!

In the end I will feel so much better and as a bonus I will look better too. 

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