Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Place To Think and Write


When I saw this post on deliciously organized I thought that is what I need a place of my own where I can sit and think and be on my own.

A place where I can reflect and read and write look through recipe books…..

Now I just need to tell my husband.   He will think I am crazy.  My stuff is everywhere.  
First I made the area in the basement....I love my craft area but I do not work down there during the school year because he is down there playing his trumpet.

I thought about moving up to the spare bedroom, but Sandy is using that as her exercise room after work.

The dining/living room is much tv watching in there.

The kitchen is noisy.

That leaves the family room which can be quiet at times however when the boys do not like what Sandy is watching on tv then they move into the family room to watch tv.  

I think I will give the family room a try for a month.  I will move the old desk up there and see if it works for me.  Otherwise I may have to just move into my bedroom.   

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