Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Friday Finds

“Do not let your life be like a shooting star,
Which lights up the sky for only a brief moment.
Let Your life be like the Sun,
Which always burns brightly in the heavens,
Bringing light and Warmth to all those on Earth.
Let Your Light Shine!

This is the opening quote in the new book I am reading, The Rhythms of Life, by Matthew Kelly.  I am enjoying the book a lot.  It is making me rethink my priorities. 

Oh!!! How I wish I could say this was the outside of my house.   I just love the pink tulips and hydrangeas in the window boxes. 
I also decided after spending many hours sleeping and reading in the family room this week that it is time to paint my bookcases white and make the family room look more French Country....more my style. 

I now have another favorite drink at Starbucks.  No surprise it is at Starbucks.....and since I have been sick all surprise it is a tea.  

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