Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Gentle Voice Within

My Gentle Voice Within

I love this phrase from the book, The Rhythm of Life, by Matthew Kelly; he writes that our gentile voice within us is our truest guide that will direct us to our essential purpose in life.    If you just listen to this gentle voice within you it will guide you and provide you with peace and happiness. 

In order to get to this point you need to examine your needs.  One area that I am looking at in my life is a quiet area to spend time reading, writing and reflecting.  This is not an area I want to use for schoolwork or for crafting.  I want it to be my quiet space.  A place for silence/solitude/simplicity! 

I think I found the perfect space this week in the family room.  The family room is one of those rooms in our house that we really don’t use that much. 

I put an old desk by a window and I love looking out the window and thinking and reading.  However it looks awkward in my family room.  So one evening as I was reflecting and dreaming in my little corner of the house I made a list of what changes I would like to make in order to create a family room that I really love!

1.       Buy a smaller desk and paint it white.
2.      White curtains
3.      Paint bookcases white and distress them
4.      New TV
5.      Redo Floor in the same color as living room
6.      Circle end table
7.     New Lamps that match
8.      Something different for the wall to replace old TV cabinet maybe a dresser

9.      Repaint cabinet by the fireplace white and add little shelves on the side
10.    New Chair for my desk—Think comfort—someplace to read and write
11.      Spray Paint picture frames in the room white to match
12.     Paint the room

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