Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Breaking Down the Piles

If We do more with less, our resources will be adequate to take care of everybody.
Buckmeinster Fuller

I think I have enough junk in my house to take care of at least 50 people.  The past two weeks we have worked hard to clean out the basement, lots and lots of piles.  I am not doing extra special projects downstairs.  I am just sorting through and deciding what we need and what is something of value to donate to someone else. 
Simplifying is the best word I can come up with at the moment.
I would donate more however I am holding on to things for my two grown children who may need it when they move out.

I had many piles to choose from however I focused on two piles that I thought needed my attention the most.

1.       The family room paper mess.
2.     The basement desk area.

I worked hard to clean up, sort through and keep nothing that I didn’t want to look through later. 

The bookcase looks better.  I want to reread some of the books and then sort through and keep only the books I really like.  This will be a summer job.

My husband’s desk, well that is a process that I will tackle another day.  Today I just wanted him to be able to sit at the desk and work. 

Thank you Tsh for encouraging me to get rid of some of the piles in my house.

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Liz Mccaw said...

I love the title! I have my piles too, but just finished a big weed of my storage room at school. It is beautiful and so calming. You will be so happy when done! LIz :)