Saturday, April 20, 2013

Piles Piles Everywhere!

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This has been a very difficult week.  There was water in the basement, lice in my classroom, and I am in the final weeks of a computer class I am taking.  Oh, I forgot book club is Monday and I need to start reading. 

Despite all this craziness in my life I have managed to focus on some of the goals I set for myself:
·      Read Every Night! (This book is just for me not for book club!)
·      Drink More Water (Mainly because I need the water bottles for a art project, however I hope to make it a habit.)
·      Clean in the Basement (Unfortunately it is not what I meant when I set the goal.)
·      Keep the wash area clean!  (This goal only happens when I am home.  I cannot control others, even though I sometimes wish I could.)

I am constantly cleaning and organizing even at school.

This goal at Simple Mom this week is to conquer a pile.  This is a hard decision for me because I have so many piles.

I am going to take the advice I read in Tell Your Time. 

“Break down Your Goals into bite size Chunks.”  

My goal is to organize and clean up these piles in my house, one pile at a time.  I know if I can get through a pile a day at the end of the week I will have accomplished a lot.  

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