Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mission Clean and Organize My Life

Clean and Organize My Life

I found this quote in the book I was reading last month and it is helping me focus my direction and purpose as I head into my summer life.

“I strive to keep my garden small, but to care for it joyfully and well.  We bloom here.”
Katrina Kenison

If I can keep my life and house clean and simple and care for it joyfully and well, I know I will be able to make the decisions that will lead me to becoming the best version of myself. 
I will have about 72 days of summer to use my time wisely to make some necessary changes to improve the quality of my life. 

I have four major goals for the summer:
1.         Improve My Health by going back to my healthy living habits I had last fall and bike again and add more healthy recipes to my weekly menus. 
2.        Clean and Organize the house after the first floor renovation & spring cleaning and de-cluttering
3.       Enjoy a vacation with my son, husband and daughter and law.
4.       Decorate and Prepare for a New Classroom/Grade.

This is a lot to focus on however if I can simplify and stay focused I know I will bring more balance into my life.  

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