Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mission Clean and Organized Day 2 The Kitchen Drawers

This week for my Mission Organization,  I am focusing my efforts on the kitchen.  Today I am cleaning all the kitchen drawers. 

1,  I am taking everything out of the drawers.
2.  Washing the baskets in the drawers and the bottom of each drawer.
3.  I will only put back in the drawers the items that are necessary to our daily living.  
If you like the create joy print go here to the source.  Stephanie is giving it away as a freebie on her site, 
Simple and Easy job, I have lots of drawers to go through.  As you can see from my after pictures the drawers look nice and refreshed and most of all ORGANIZED!  
When things are organized you will have lots of JOY in your life.  

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