Friday, June 14, 2013

Mission Organization Day 1

Today I am starting my mission organization.  I was trying to wait until the work on the house was done.  Well it seems it will not be done again this week.  So I just have to move on. 

I wrote back in May that I wanted to clean the house.  Now after several set backs this spring it really needs it.  There are piles and piles of clothes, boxes of books, dishes, everything you can imagine just sitting around the house.  
Enough is Enough!
We are on week 5 and not much got done again this week.
I can not wait any more.  
It is time to clean and reorganize.  
So  today I am starting simple.
I am cleaning the fans that we use in our bedrooms.  

The job was very simple.  I collected all three dirty fans from the house.
  Then I took them apart.
I just washed them with dish soap and an old rag.  

Nice and clean fans!   Yeah!  

This was not a fancy project, however it is a good feeling when you turn on the fans knowing  that dust is not blowing on you from the fan.  

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