Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Little Book of Contentment -- Book Review

I really like the blog, Zenhabits.  I have been reading it for about three months now and each day it has something insightful.   About two weeks ago there was a free book to read, The Little book of Contentment.
The deal was you had to read it in one sitting and it would take about an hour to read.  That meant I had to wait for school to be out to read it. 

No surprise, I really enjoyed it.  I find Leo’s writing style easy to read and understand.  I feel he is writing directly to me….he has hit my weaknesses,  addicted to sugar, to much clutter and managing my time.

In his book he writes about the ability to trust yourself….follow through and stick to the changes you want to make in order to get things done.  Keep your promises.  Make one small promise and do everything you can to keep that promise daily.

Leo Writes in order to find happiness you must:
·      Be generous
·      Be loving
·      Be compassionate
·      Be a good listener
·      Appreciate what you have

“The key is to learn to notice, accept and appreciate everything and everyone around us.”

He has a saying in his book that I am going to adopt for my first grade classroom next year….We are all learning!

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