Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- Day 3

Day 3
We woke up in Custer South Dakota today and our goal was to visit two caves and hike.  The first cave we went to was Jewel Cave. 

We went on an hour and a half tour we had an awesome tour guide and we learned a lot about rock formations.  Next we went to Wind Cave, I decided not to go on the tour because I was feeling a bit claustrophobic, so Joe, Matt and Julie went on the tour.  I thought I would rest a bit and then read.  I slept the whole time they were gone.  I guess that is what a vacation is for.  We headed over to Custer State Park to hike next.  We started out on the scenic drive first, we saw some:
Bison and some baby calves


prairie dogs
and lots and lots of scenery. 

Luckily we never got to the hiking because a storm came through again.  The best part of the scenic drive was the tunnels.  The scenic drive was a lot of twists and turns through the hills very cool.  We took tons of pictures.  If you like nature, hiking and caves this a great place to visit.  

Here is my favorite picture of the day.....a pink flower.  Pink always makes me smile. :)

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