Monday, June 24, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- Day 4

Day 4
“Encourage Your Sense of Daring”
Dove Bar

This morning we went back to Mount Rushmore for hiking and daytime viewing.  We had a beautiful day.  

We hiked down to the sculptures’ area and then up to the base of the monument.  Matthew, my son,  took tons of pictures.

 We learned that Teddy Roosevelt was a last minute addition to the monument. Then we stopped at Cabala’s so I could buy a rain jacket.  Now it will not rain the rest of the trip. Then it was in the car for 120 miles to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. 

What an amazing site.  Julie loves the prairie dogs; we have to watch her closely so she doesn’t try to collect a few to take home.    We hiked around there as well.

  Now we are back in the car for 300 miles to Billings, Montana.

I forgot to mention the best part of the day; Joe and I are celebrating our 29th Anniversary today!   We shared a dove candy bar to celebrate!  . 

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