Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mission Clean and Organize My Life

I know I started this idea in the summer, however with the first floor remodel not working out the way I thought I needed to make changes.  So I focused on my classroom instead.  However now it is time to start thinking about my house again.

I found this quote in the book I was reading last spring, it has been on my mind as I have awaited for my first floor remodel to be complete.  Which of course, it never was.  

“I strive to keep my garden small, but to care for it joyfully and well.  We bloom here.”
Katrina Kenison

If I can keep my life and house clean and simple and care for it joyfully and well, I know I will be able to make the decisions that will lead me to becoming the best version of myself.  Right now,  I have the world's most disorganized cluttered basement.  I find it hard to move forward in this house with all the clutter I have.  I need to work through each space and simplify.  

I want to start in the basement and work my way up to the top of the house. Here is my plan for the next month.  Please keep in my that I work outside of the house full-time teaching first grade so I only have a limited amount of time each night to work on my goal.

I tried to break my goal into 31 small steps so that when the month is over I will have a clean and organized basement and bedroom, plus a photo book done.

Mission Clean and Organize My Life in 31 Days

Day 1  Clean and Organize Office Supply Shelf

Day 2  Clean and Organize School Shelves
Day 3  Clean and Organize Gift Wrap and Girl Tool Bench Area
Day 4  Clean and Simplify the Decorating Shelves
Day 5  Clean/Simplify/Organize the first storage shelf
Day 6  Clean/Simplify/Organize the second storage shelf
Day 7 Clean/Simplify/Organize the third storage shelf
Day 8  Clean/Simplify/Organize the Christmas storage shelf
Day 9  Clean and Organize the Paint Supplies
Day 10  Clean/Organize the Husband’s Tool Bench
Day 11   Review and Update Important Papers in Lock Box
Day 12  The Glamorous Job of Debugging the Storage Area and Celebration of a Clean and Organized Storage Area
Day 13  Clean and Organize My Lesson Plan Desk
Day 14  Clean/Simplify/Reorganized Craft Table
Day 15  Clean/Simplify/Reorganized Bookcase
Day 16  Label Scrap paper drawers
Day 17  Recover the Way to busy Bulletin Board
Day 18  Major Labor of Love --- Clean & Organize My Husband’s Desk AGAIN!
Day 19  Clean Out the Cabinet in the basement and take it to the dump!
Day 20  Line drawers and organize jewelry 
Day 21   Clean/Organize Laundry Room
Day 22  Clean/Organize Small Bathroom
Day 23   Clean/Organize the first bookshelf in the family room
Day 24  Simplify my closet
Day 25 Simplify my dresser drawers
Day 26  Eliminate the shoe shelf in my bedroom
Day 27  Organize our vacation photos to one location
Day 28  Create a photo book about our summer vacation
Day 29  Create a new system for the mail
Day 30   Repaint the extra closet
Day 31    Simplify and De-clutter the extra closet

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Leah said...

This sounds like a great plan! I look forward to reading your posts on how it goes! :)