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Perfectly Yourself -- Book Review

Perfectly Yourself
Book Review 
  With school starting again I have a new grade and classroom that I am focusing on.   I have completely lost my personal focus and have not set aside time for myself in three months. 
If you look at me you can tell. 
So my interest in this book was not really there at first, I really wanted it to be there however I just could not focus on myself in August and Early September.  
 I wanted to read but I was so exhausted at night I would fall asleep after reading one page. 
However this last week I promised myself I would read the book AND I am so happy I did.  M. Kelly reminded me that my personal well being is just as important as the work I do.  
I am four months away from my 50th birthday and I need to make changes otherwise I will be stuck in the unhealthy rut that I am in,,,,,,,,,,,,,AGAIN!
  I need to Just focus on myself and make progress each day!  My
ultimate dream is to be the best version of myself I can be. 
What is my essential purpose?  My essential purpose right now is to get healthy and get my home organized all while teaching a new grade level.     

And how can I break it up into manageable goals?
  • Exercise and eat healthy Daily and follow the lessons that M. Kelley outlines in his book.
  • Each Month Concentrate on one room in the house and Simplify and Organize It!
  • Focus On Planning Meaningful Lessons and Be Organized at School

My dad was wrong
Practice does not make perfect
Practice makes Progress. 
If you practice the right things in the right way you will get the right results.

Lesson #1  Celebrate Your Progress
As my dad would say.Better every Day!  That is my goal to improve myself each day.  To work hard each day to exercise and eat healthy. 
Just be Yourself..Do Everything in your power to do what is right for you. 
Think:  What can I do right now that can help me be the best version of myself?
Lesson #2  Just Do the Right Thing One Moment At A Time
You acted your way into the problems you you must act your way out of your problems. I should really say, I came up with every excuse to eat and postpone eating healthy to the next day.  But no more,  No More Excuses!  Now I must show my self control and will power to do my best for myself. 
Habits are the building blocks of our character.

Lesson #3  Put Character First
Invest in yourself Investing requires discipline, self-control and lots of patience.  I want to prove to my family that I can be discipline and patient with myself and do what is right for myself.
Lesson #4  Find What You Love and Do It
Happiness is found is doing things we can take pride in doing well.things we enjoy doing!
Life is about Love
Love what you love doing?  Do it!
Love what you love being?  Be It!
Love what you love having?  Have it and share it!
Who you love loving?  Love them!
Create a space in your life for the things you are passionate about.
If you want to have inner peace, you must begin to live a life that lines up with your beliefs. 
I truly believe that if I can simplify my house and feel like I am in control of my health and time I will find the inner peace that I am looking for. 

Lesson #5  Live What You Believe
I will seek a healthy balance between what I need to do for others and what I believe I need to do for a healthy me.
This statement should maybe be my mantra….I always do for others instead of want I know is good for a healthy me.  When I do for others I eat! 
Discipline and Happiness go hand in hand. Self-control is a gift you need to give to yourself. 

Lesson #6  Be Discipline
I will avoid putting anything that is poisonous or toxic into my body.  From this day on I will be the master of my appetite.
This means avoid eating food that are not good for me EVEN if I love to eat them.  Goodbye Chocolate, Bread, Sugar, Meat……Starbucks Iced Passion Tea with Lemonade!!!!
Begin to deny yourself in small ways to show your discipline.

Lesson #7  Simplicity
Simplicity is the way to clarity.
Allow simplicity to direct your life.
Take the time to de-clutter and re-evaluate what is really important to you.  If you clean up things maybe you will find the time to spend more time with your family. 

Lesson #8  Focus on What you are here to Give
Have a sense of mission
I need to be more gracious and give more of my time to others.  I spend so much time cleaning up after my family and at school.  I rarely have time for myself so I don’t feel like I have time to give.  However I am so blessed I need to share more and give more.

Lesson #9  Patiently Seek the Good in Everyone and Everything
Great Friends to have:  silence, stillness and solitude
 I know when I take the time to be still and silent I can hear myself and what I need to do to be a better person.  I know I am more patient with others and more loving when I have time to think.
“in gratitude, our hearts always dance for joy”
I know I wrote more about myself and not much about the book however the book is wonderful and it inspired me to do a lot of thinking.  Hopefully in the next several weeks you will see some changes on my blog.  I have one project planned to simplify the messiest area of the house. 

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