Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mission Clean and Organize My Life -- Day 14 The Craft Table


That is my word right now.  I am feeling a bit frustrated because I am not getting to my home projects this week.  Schoolwork always comes first, than family and then my daily housework and finally my personal projects.  That is just LIFE!  And are they really personally projects, I mean cleaning the basement is really not on my top ten things to do in life.   However it needs to be done. 

Really big jobs can be done BIT BY BIT.   
The little bit of time I had this week I worked on cleaning by my craft table.  I do not have a good before picture.  However you can see some of the buckets and boxes laying around next to the table.  I love buckets, baskets, bags and things that can collect more things.  So needless to say when I clean I just pile stuff in the bucket and deal with it later.  Today was the LATER.  I have spent two days cleaning out buckets and putting things away in the correct places. 

The result is a clean craft table and a clean floor around it.  I also went through all the baskets on the shelves on both sides and made sure they were neat and organized as well. 

I reorganized my scrapbooking supplies on the top of the table.

AND I made this little collage with pictures from pinterest and cards from a scrapbooking collection under the plastic mat just for working inspiration.   

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