Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mission Organize My Life -- Day 9 The Paint Shelf

Day 9 Paint Shelf Organization

Always keep improving…even if it is one little thing.

My husband’s old system for organizing his paint supplies was…….  HAHA…he did not have a system.  The paint cans, brushes, stick, rollers, and sandpaper was lying all over the place.  On his tool bench on the floor, on the storage shelves, on a little table next to the tool bench, on the desk from my daughter’s college days,  I wish I took a before picture.     

I found this old shelf in the basement, leftover from my son’s college days, and I decided that would be the paint shelf.  As I cleaned the storage shelves this week I began to gather the paint supplies on this shelf.  I found some old containers we were not using anymore and sorted the paint supplies.   It is nothing fancy but it is organized. 

I want to label the shelf however I still want to go through it some more and de-clutter.  For today I am just happy the paint supplies are off the floor and on a shelf. 

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