Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mission Clean and Organize My Life Days 6-7-8

Mega Cleaning Days 6-7-8

“It’s never to late to do the little things.”
One Good Deed

This quote spoke sounds like the kind of work I was doing this week.  I started to laugh when I read it.  Each evening after I cleaned the kitchen and corrected my daily papers, I was working in the basement storage area trying to clean any little thing I could.  My husband yelled at me a couple of times because it was getting late.   As a swept and dusted up the spider webs I had another laugh, here I am cleaning up the mess the spiders have made in the basement.  I mean there are tons and tons of spider webs up in the ceiling of the basement.    However during the day I am teaching my students about spiders and the amazing webs they make.

Anyways, I waited to post these days together because basically they are the same thing just different shelves. 

My husband built these shelves years ago and we have so much junk that we end up filling up the floor.  Last year I made a rule that if it did not fit on the shelf we could not keep it.  Well that rule lasted about a month and stuff was everywhere..again.

This Spring, we decided to update a few things on the first floor.  Most of our stuff from upstairs came downstairs, that caused a bit of disorganization.  However that is not the end the story, next came the water troubles from the dishwasher into the basement. another fun adventure that left a mess.  Wait the story does not end, the sum pump broke and water was everywhere.  Needless to say our storage area was a disaster zone, stuff was anywhere and everywhere it was so bad you could not walk from the front of the storage area to the back.  There was too much stuff lying on the floor.

So I am sure you can understand why I took this on as my project.  For the last four days I have straighten all the junk off the old desk. 

cleaned up the mess from the floor and put away all the little things that need a home.   This has left me with some clean and organized shelves.  I even took a minute to make some computer labels for the containers and the shelves. 

It feels good to see a pathway to the back of the area now.  Sorry the picture quality is so poor there if very little light in the storage area.  

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