Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mission Clean and Organize My Life -- Day 5 The First Storage Shelf

What can I do RIGHT now to make my home a better place?

That is not exactly how Matthew’s Kelly said it in his book, Perfectly Yourself, however you can apply the saying to anything you are working on.

Right Now, I am working on the basement storage area.  I didn’t think I would get down to the basement  today I already had a lot of other jobs to do.  However I made a commitment to my house and myself and I went down there and worked on one more storage shelf. 

I know this is nothing glamorous or fun.  I didn’t paint or recover anything.  Sadly, I didn’t buy fancy new baskets or containers to match for the area because that is not my goal.

Right Now, my goal is to clean and de-clutter the basement storage area one shelf at a time.  
The first shelf has four responsibilities.  
It contains things that we need throughout the year.
1.  Baskets for large parties
2.  Party Decorations
3.  Seasonal School Decorations
4.  Picture Frames that we change out throughout the year.
I found a few picture frames to donate but most of my work on this shelf was organizing and labeling.  I didn’t make fancy labels.  I just used computer labels and a marker.  Maybe someday I will go back and make it look nicer.  I spent the majority of my time putting away things that were just laying out and belonged in other containers on some of the other shelves.  I cleaned up the mess on the chairs next to the shelf as well.  Yeah!

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