Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mission Organize My Life -- Day 4 The Decorating Shelves

“Be Kind To Yourself”
“Be aware of your goal…….break it up into practical and manageable stages.”
Matthew Kelly

I took Matthew Kelly’s advice and took a day off of cleaning the storage room yesterday to spend some time with my husband.  We went out to dinner and watch an episode of Blue Bloods together. 

However I woke up at 6:30 this morning at went right to work on the storage area.  I know if feels like I am dragging my feet on this project, however I did break it up into manageable steps for me.  I have about 30 to 45 minutes a day to work on the project.  I wish I had more time but I do not.  I have to correct papers daily or otherwise I have too many on the weekend. 

Here is my starting point…..
My goal today is to dust off each shelf and get rid of what I don’t think I will use. be honest I only got rid of about fifteen things.  I really think I am going to use those glass jars.  I am obsessed with mason jars.   First, I cleaned out the buckets in front of the shelves and put them away.
Then I started at the top and worked my way down.  Anything that was related to school work I put in the school area.  I dusted and reorganized each shelf.  If I felt I was not going to use something, I put it in the Goodwill bag or recycled it. 

My flower collection and grandma collection are up on top. 
Then I have my candle collection.  I know I have a lot.  I love decorating with candles.  The ones I am not using I am saving to give to my daughter when she leaves me.  

This is my glass jar collection.  I know a bit much however I use them for everything, or at least I think I will.  
Here are all the things I grab when I am trying to decorate a room. 

Organized and Clean Decorating Shelves
I am now one step closer to my goal:  
A clean and organized life.  

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