Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mission Organize My Life -- Day 3 My Girl Tool Bench and Gift Wrap Area

“Have Nothing in your house
that you do not know
to be
or believe
to be
William Morris

I believe in this quote with my whole heart.  That is why I fuss over my storage area so much.  This area is by far the weakest link in my house.  It is filled with everything my family does not want however feels someone else will find useful.  Don’t get rid of this Mom, because someday someone will want it or need it. 

They generally just put in on my work space and then I am responsible for finding a home for it. 

I must clean my girl work space every week. 

I just purchased this white shelf from the Home Decorators Collection.   

It is for all my jars of stuff.  You know those little things you buy for projects and save for something else.   I found these blue mason jars and have been waiting to find a good use for them.  Of course my little jelly jars are perfect on the smaller shelves.  I love the red and blue together.  

I found these cute containers at ikea these hide lots of things. 

I love how the book shelf looks.  It adds a lot of organization to my area. 

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