Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mission Organize Your Life -- Day 2 Clean and Organize School Shelves

Day 2  Clean and Organize My School Shelves

True Confession:
I am a first grade teacher and I collect a lot of stuff.  


You never know what you might need to create something fabulous for the classroom.   The result of the hording is this basement mess…….

So if i truly want a home that reflects a peaceful living space that is not crowded with a lot of unnecessary stuff.  I need to let go. 
I went through the shelves and packed up all the fabric paint and other projects that I know longer need but what holding on too.

I am only keeping the things that I plan on doing something with this year.  Everything else I sorted into give to another teacher or bagged for the Goodwill. 

I know that this de-cluttering will bring be one step closer to the peaceful home I desire.    I labeled the white baskets and I plan on only keeping things that fit on the shelves.  If it does not fit on a shelf I cannot keep it.  
Thank you for reading Fruity Lemonade, please stop by tomorrow.  Day 3  My girl tool bench area and gift wrapping station on up next.  I will show you my new shelf.  

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