Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Room of MY Own

Just Thinking……

I have another day off of school today because of the extreme cold temperatures.  Instead of focusing and getting something organized I am deep in thought.    I started reading a new book, Things Good Mothers Know, by Alexandra Stoddard.  In typical fashion I skipped ahead to the chapter that spoke to me the most……A Room of Your Own.  I want to move my craft area.  WHY……because I never work in it. 

Right now I have a beautiful craft space in the basement and I never work down there because my husband is usually playing the trumpet.  I work with children all day so the last thing I want to listen to is more noise.   I end up taking whatever I am working on upstairs to the family room and work on the sofa.  I lesson plan, correct papers, craft, read and watch TV all in the family room.  By the end of the week I have a mess everywhere. 

My thought is if I had my crafting stuff up here I would have the proper place to work and then I could put my things away when I was done.  When I come home from work it would be easier for me to work on my projects if my crafting stuff was in the family room.  I would not have to go in the basement and collect what I need and then come back up and get organized; it would already be ready for me to start. 

 I would love to have an organized space to work.  The question is.......
 Am I willing to down size my family room into a craft room?

I have been looking on Pinterest today to see what other people have done for craft spaces.  I do not want to alter the room because I know we will move some day.   Here are some elements I like would like to incorporate into my craft space:

This yellow cabinet is amazing.  I can just imagine a little tv in the center and all my crafting things on the shelves.  I would of course make the cabinets white.


I want to make sure my desk is over looking the window.  I love being able to see outside as I work.


Ideally, I would love to have white bookcases built in next to the fireplace AND the fire place painted white.  (I did say this was a dream of mine.)


This is something we desperately need.  We need something to put our boots and shoes as we walk in the back door.  

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