Sunday, January 19, 2014

Book Review: The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan
Book Review

I have read so many “Diet Books” and yet I have not applied what I learned to my life.  However, I am at the same point I wrote about two years ago, suffering from back pain, heartburn and unhappy with the way I look. 
Why, because I am unwilling to change my habits.  No one likes to hear about the weakness and bad habits you have, however I feel I need to be honest.

The Daniel Plan is a book about facing the truth, recognizing your weaknesses and TRANSFORMING your life honestly by making healthy choices daily with God’s help. 

Transforming your life does not happen in 10 days, 40 days, it is a lifetime of daily choices.  You can dream all you want however now you need to take the baby steps to get there. 

The book states:  If you are going to change your life you must first change the way you think about:
·      God
·      Yourself
·      Food
·      Health

How do I begin transforming my life into Healthy Living:
1.  Start Small.Just One Small Thing
Focus on one new habit a week.  
2.  Keep in mind the goal is progress not perfection. 
“Simple changes start to add up.”
3.  Remove the things that hold us back. 
“It’s about learning to love foods that actually love you back.”

So I am going to start with Food.  Get Back to eating Healthy Food.

How Can I avoid Temptations?????
·      take a walk (ok too cold to do that right now, how about ride the bike downstairs)
·      drink a glass of water
·      eat fruits and veggies
·      do a quick project and blog about it
·      focus on gratefulness
·      read a chapter in my new book

Last week my focus was on drinking water.  (Check---I am doing good at that.)

This week I will continue with drinking water and add no eating after 7pm.  This is going to be hard because I am a snacker at home. 

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