Saturday, January 11, 2014


Ok ..... stay with me one more minute.... I am still dreaming...overfocusing .... obsessing on how and where can I put my little bowl collection. 

 And it hit me this morning...the furniture I love at Pottery Barn.

For a mere $4,000 I can pull this off.   

Plan to accomplish this:
1.  Win the lottery.
2.  Start brainwashing my husband into liking white furniture and cabinets.

because my kitchen is still BROWN.

3.  Purchase a new kitchen table and chairs and a hutch and buffet.
4.  Repaint the kitchen.  (New Appliances would look nice.)

All this for my little bowl collection that cost $30.

Maybe the bowls look good where they are??????

 I am very grateful that my kitchen is clean and organized and has a new floor.  

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