Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favorites Jan. 13


I just love this display of colorful bowls.  I found this picture about two years ago on Pinterest and I fell in love with the idea of having a bowl collection.  I even started collecting colorful bowls.

I only have a few and they are in the basement because I don't know where to put them in my kitchen.  I have been trying to brainstorm for days where to put some kind of display shelf in my kitchen.

I have a couple of ideas, however I don't think my husband will go for them.  
1.  Build small shelves next to the cabinet on the far left.  The shelves would have to be very small.
2.  Take the doors off the cabinet above the microwave and cover the vent and then put some small shelves in there.  

Otherwise I have this huge wall by the kitchen table that I just can not figure out yet maybe I could do something over there.

So I am looking for some ideas on how to best display a bowl collection....


I do not think I can convince my husband to buy shelving for the kitchen for the 12 bowls I collected.  I need to keep thinking.....maybe a small corner shelf would be better.

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