Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Teeny Tiny Bathroom

After years and years and more years of our powdered blue toilet and sink in our little bathroom downstairs.....we finally made some changes.  

I really wish I took a before picture, but to be honest I never thought to take of picture.  I did find a picture of a blue toilet from ebay just to give you an idea.  I added the link below just in case you love it!
source is what my bathroom looked like during the summer.  It took a very very very long time for the sink to come in after we order it.

Now we finally have finished everything.  The bathroom is so tiny I have to take the picture from the hallway.  This is the best picture I could get of the vanity.  I love the shelf on the bottom for a basket. 

The top drawer of the vanity is fake.   The bottom drawer is very small.  I put some cough drops, throat drops and a personal bag in there.

Here is a bit higher of a view so you can see the candles.  

Here is a view of the little wall next to the sink.  I just wanted something small so I put two photo frames.  For right now I put two of my Paris Photos in the frames.  

In fact the only thing left to do in the teeny tiny bathroom is just a couple paint touch ups and I want to organize the medicine cabinet.  We closed off this cabinet so you can not see into the closet behind it.  It was weird to have that opening between the bathroom and closet.  

I am so pleased that it is finally done!  I just love the white wood!  

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