Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review: Things Good Mothers Know

A. Stoddard wrote a beautiful book of wisdom for all mother young and old.  Each chapter is focused on a theme and full of wisdom.  I found her writing style to be easy to read and understand.  

What I liked to most about her book, even though is focuses on mothers, I think you could apply these bits of wisdom to all parents.

 Love should not expect anything in return.
Love is not about me, it is about you. 
Love gives and serves without hesitation.
Love without restrictions and judgment.
Love is the only way to serve others.

This first bit of wisdom is so true of any relationship.  As a wife, mother, teacher, sister and daughter, I struggle with this.  I feel if I am giving so much why can't I expect other to help or return some signs of their love?

What I really liked about her book she doesn't dwell on what or how you can improve those around you.  She writes how the changes you make in yourself will be an example to those around you.  

Our lives are far from perfect, 
but when we take the pieces we have 
and make the best of them we do pretty well.

I continue to struggle with this.  I want the perfect life where you have all the time in the world to do everything you want.  A.  Stoddard writes  Perfection is unattainable in the is world.  Just show up and do your can always improve.  That is what I try to do each day.  Make one small thing better.  

The chapter I enjoyed the most was the one where she wrote about everyone needs their own place to retreat too.......A Room of Your Own.

A room of your own is a place where you can set up your things/projects and you don't have to worry about cleaning up.  Your room is a place where you can think, create and replenish.  I love this idea.  I am thinking of changing my family room into my room.
One other thing A. Stoddard wrote about that I am giving a lot of thought to is Challenging Yourself.  You are the only person you can improve.  You will only fail if you don't try.  

Once a woman takes responsibility for her own
she becomes a positive channel
to her child.  

I really need to get back to working on a healthier me.  I need to make myself a priority in my own life.  

My favorite quote from the book:
Every sacrifice you make
will become a blessing
to you.

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