Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life is the sum of your choices

“Life is the sum of all your choices.”
Albert Camus

I started to read the new book by Tsh Oxenreider,

I cannot say that I am enjoying it however I have found an important quote that has me thinking today:
Do the choices I make line up with how I really want to live?
The answer is no!   NO!
Change the little things in your lives so that your path is better aligned

And in steps my favorite blogger, Leo Babauta, from Zen Habits, writing about Letting Go of the things……
Making room for create/reinvent/TRANSFORM
one awesome thing

Put my entire being into one Focus!

He wrote a book a while ago called

First of all what is my Focus/Goal
Improve MY Well being!

Leo’s Principles:
1.     One small change at a time.
2.    Enjoy the change
3.     If you fail, re-evalute and try again.
4.    Tie it to something you already do daily.

Sue’s Changes
1.     Identify Your Essentials
2.    Morning / Evening Stretches
3.     Eat more Veggies/Fruits
4.    Most Important Things
5.    Biking
6.    Cut Out Grazing
7.    9:00 Bedtime
8.    True Simple Needs
9.    Walking
10. Go Back to Menu Planning
11.  Less busywork more impact
12. et machine
13.  Mindful eating/real foods
14. let go of tv
15. Drink more water
16. Mindful exercise
17. Gratitude
18. Vitamins
19. Find time to create
20. Detox weekend
21. Enjoy the change
22. Create a space of your own

My focus for the next 22 weeks is to work on changing one habit a week.  Hopefully some of these small changes will add up to a healthier me.  

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