Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Review: Rediscover Catholicism

Rediscover Catholicism
A Spiritual Guide To Living With Passion & Purpose
By: Matthew Kelly

I have to admit I did not pick this book out myself.  It was given to everyone at church.  So it is homework from Church.  I am not complaining because I enjoyed the other books that I have read by Matthew Kelly. Would I have picked this book on my own. probably not.   Did I learn from this book?  Yes!  Did the book challenge me to think?  Yes!   The book is about living and understanding the Catholic way of life.   

What Should A Good Catholic Do?
·      live and love the way the Gospel invites us to
·      respect and cherish your family
·      help those in need
·      always do what is right
·      Practice, patience, kindness, humility, gratitude, thoughtfulness, generosity, courage and forgiveness.
I believe this is not only a good guideline for Catholics but for anyone.  All these characteristics are the things we are always trying to teach our children to help them be good people.  So these are good characteristics for all people to work towards.
Good Habits create Good Characters
“Our lives change when our habits change”

I am beginning to see a pattern here.  God is definitely sending me a message.  I think this is the third or fourth book I have read this in.  But M. Kelly takes it to the next level 

“Be the example for your family, students and world to see……..
We become the stories we listen to.”

“If you want to walk with God you need to bring order to the demands of your life and your things.”

I wish I could say I have my life in balance and my things under control however I still have a long way to go.

“Your thoughts determine your actions..We think what we will become.”

This is what I am struggling with the most right now.I am trying so hard to make healthy choices daily however my thoughts get in the way of lots of my decisions. 
How Would You Like Your Life to Change?
  • Better Habits
  • Slowing Down and Taking Time for Real Thought
  • ·      Eating Healthy
  • ·      Daily Exercise
  • ·      Patience

10 minutes a Day Making Time for Prayer and Reflection
·      In silence you will find God and in the silence you will find yourself
·      Prayer allows us to work out what matters most

These are the habits I am constantly working on and finding 10 minutes a day for quietness is the hardest of all.  

This is a good book.  I think you will enjoy reading it.  It inspired me to explore some other books as well.  

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