Friday, July 25, 2014

Dreaming ......Craft Room Ideas

As I have written several times I am working towards a space of my own.  I am dreaming/planning of ways I can turn my family room into a craft room/office for me.  I have made two small changes that I can share soon but I am waiting for several things to happen before I can make some big changes:

1.  I need to move the  very large and heavy TV cabinet out of the family room.  I want my boys to carry to the basement however they are not excited about the task because it is big and HEAVY!

2.  When my daughter moves to an apartment she wants to take the white sofa with her.  I am not sure I want to give it up but I know it will not really fit in the craft/office room.

These two things will clear a lot of space in the room.  Right now I am starting to save for new shelving and entertainment center for the large wall.  I found some new shelving at Ikea.  I know I already have shelves and I should just paint them white however that seems like a lot of work.    What I like about these shelves is the glass doors match what I have in the laundry room.   I think that will bring some continuity to the first floor.  The bridge shelves on the top will be perfect for my little bowl collection.
I don't like the little media center above so I am hoping this larger one will fit in the same space.  The glass doors really appeal to me and three shelves for baskets....PERFECT!
Then I want to paint the brick on the fireplace and find an oak mantel (the oak wood mantel is for my husband who loves oak wood.) ...
google image
Next to our fireplace I want to put some type of wine/bar storage (white) for thought is my craft table will make a great table space for parties.
pottery barn
I want to refinish the wood floors into an lighter wood color and get a new door for the closet.  I am thinking of painting the room a light gray or soft blue, some kind of color to make the white furniture pop a bit.

I know this will take a long time to accomplish because I don't have the funds right now however I know if I make little changes each month in time the big picture with all fall in place.

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