Thursday, July 31, 2014

Date Night

Last Night was date night......well sort of.  I started working in my classroom this week so I worked until 4 came home showered off all the stink and dust from the classroom.  My husband did not make it home from work until after 6.  I made us some quick chicken spinach wraps, unhealthy chips  and some cut up fruit.  I cleaned up the kitchen while he watered the plants.    We stopped at the atm machine for cash for parking and off we went to the 7:30 show.  Now you can tell we have been married for 30 years because for intermission we shared an expensive bottle of water.  I know.....big date.

That's what happens when you plan something on a work night.  The play was wonderful.  I loved the sets.  I was impressed with the way they moved and transformed.  Of course the singing and music was amazing.   I love going to the theater.

I hinted to my hubbie that I would like to see The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Anything Goes and he wants to see Motown.  I hope that means I have to lot of theater productions in my future.  I may have to pick just one because we do have to save for our Christmas vacation.

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