Monday, August 11, 2014

A gift for my daughter

My daughter is moving out soon and I want to give her a meaning for gift.  She has been talking about this print from pinterest.

I had some help from some fellow bloggers tracking down the print and it was $400.  WOW!  That is way out of my budget.  I thought of all the ways I could make it work and I tried to track down the print and I couldn’t even get on the website because it was password protected.  So another blogger suggested wall decals from My Wonderful Walls. 
Decals from My Wonderful Walls
And plan b worked perfectly, I contacted the people at My Wonderful Walls  and they were wonderful.  The zebras on their site were very tall and they were able to custom make the zebras so they would fit on the size canvas I wanted.  I was so happy!

When the zebras arrived I went to Michaels and purchased a large canvas and it was 40% off!  Then I went home and the decals just peeled off the paper and went right on the canvas.  Stephanie, the person I contacted at My Wonderful Walls, suggested I used a clear adhesive spray.  To be honest I did not need the spray.  The zebras turned out perfectly!

I cannot wait to surprise my daughter!

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