Friday, August 29, 2014

Where I am Now!


You would not believe the disaster I have in my house right now.  It is August and my attention has been at school setting up and organizing my first grade classroom.  Usually the house suffers a bit, however this year it fell into a sinkhole.  My sweet adult children are talking about moving out….ok I am ready for the change.  What I am not ready for is the things they are collecting from family.  When we cleaned out Grandpa’s apartment we moved many things to our house because the kids might want it.   MIGHT is the key word in this sentence.  We cannot park in our garage, we cannot walk in our basement, they’re our boxes just lying around the house that we need to go through and make decisions.  To add to our problems, now we have window treatments on the guest bed because we just put in new windows on the first floor and they need to be stained.  I need to sort through all the photos from Grandpa’s board and put them back where they belong as well. 

Now that I am back at work it is hard to tackle large projects.  I just do not have the time.  So for the month of September I am going to focus on one pile a day.   If I can just put away one pile of things a day or at least start to organize something I know it will add up by the end of the month.  On the weekends I can tackle some of the bigger projects that need to get done as well.  I know this will not make for great project pictures on my blog however I know that a more organized house is a happy house …….. and that is more important to me. 

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