Monday, September 1, 2014

Improving Coupon System

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I am not a big coupon person.  I save coupons I see in the newspaper, when I remember.  I save the coupons that are sent to me in the mail.  However I do not search them out online.  I only save coupons I know I will use.  With that said, I have tried different systems over the years and the one that works best for me is something simple on the refrigerator. 

Why?  That is because I am not the only one who reads the mail or paper.  My husband and daughter will also save the coupons they know we will use and if I don’t have something that they understand they just leave the coupons on the table.  That will leave more work for me!  No thank you I already have a lot of responsible.  For years, I just had envelopes on the refrigerator.  The problem with the envelopes is that they tend to sack after a while or rip. 

I tried these bins from Ikea and magnets however the bins wiggled around the refrigerator too much and the bows would not stay on.  Once in a while they would tip over and all the coupons would end up on the floor.
Command Large Caddy
This week at Target I found in the bathroom section these neat organizers.  3M recommends that you use them for organizing your bathroom supplies or school supplies in your locker or even spice bottles in your cabinets.  

I thought they would be perfect for my coupons.  I labeled the bins with some red stickers because my silhouette machine is broken.

Now I have a coupon organizing system that I will not have to replace every six months. 

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