Sunday, December 14, 2014

30th Birthday

I can not believe my oldest child is already 30.  It seems like yesterday when these wonderful children lived at home with us and ran around the house.  We went to our son's house to celebrate his big birthday and of course there was a Packer Game.  A perfect way to celebrate his special day.  My daughter and I wanted to do something funny for his big day so we found this idea on Pinterest to recreate.  

I just used a jar from Ikea, stickers and three bags of kisses.  It was so easy and it made everyone laugh.  It was a great gift.

And here is my little peanut, she is celebrating 7 months now.  She is getting so cute now, she smiles and laughs.  However not usually for Grandma, she cries every time I pick her up.  Sometimes she even cries when I look at her.

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