Friday, December 26, 2014

A Place of My Own

For the past month after work my wonderful husband and I have been working on one of the extra bedrooms we now have after our last two children have moved to apartments.  After some thought and reflection I decided to move my craft room/office upstairs.
I am so excited to have this room of my own....a place to myself to correct papers, lesson plan, create projects, blog and reflect.

The only big purchase I made for the room was this carpet from Pottery Barn Kids.  I realize this carpet is meant for a little girls room however I love the color pink and it looks amazing in my craft room.
All the other furniture was what I already had.  I had it stored in different parts of the house.   I only moved it into one room.  It took me awhile to rearrange it to get a flow that I liked but now I am very happy with what I have.
Everything in my room has a home and everything is put away in the correct place.  All my scrapbook paper, ink and vinyl is on one side of the closet.
On the other side of the closet I have my stickers, photos, washi tape, tools and other small things.  I hope to label the sticker containers soon but for now I have them all sorted.

This is one of my favorite things in the room.  I found the idea on Pinterest when I searched for ribbon storage.  When I went to Ikea I purchased these cute wire baskets in the kitchen area.  My husband hung them up with screws.
I placed my desk by the windows so I can look out the windows and think.  
I organized all my markers by colors in this amazing crate that I found at Target a few years back.  

Now I am very happy to go in my own room to work on my projects and at the end of the day I can just close the doors and not worry about the mess.


Heather said...

Beautiful! I am trying to find some space for me in my house as well. It seems like I have a little bit in every room, but I would like a more concentrated space. Unfortunately, most of my house is now taken up by the children :-)

Joy Cochran said...

You created a marvelous workspace! I think you did a lovely job in creating a space just for you!!

Sue said...

Thank you Heather and Joy for your kind comments.


creature teacher said...

What a great space to work and craft. I will have some of that "extra room" in a few years I'm afraid, where does the time go?

Sue said...

Thank you Creature Teacher for your comment.

It is a bitter sweet place to work. Every time I walk into the room I think of my three boys who all took turns using this room through out the years. I miss them dearly, however as I work in my lovely office I think of them.