Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 8 -- Hawaii

Day 8  January 3, 2015

We set out on our adventure to Volcanoes National Park.  We were all prepared with our plan to go do all the outdoor activities this morning because rain was in the forecast for the afternoon. 

Stop 1:  The Steam Vents
We noticed a lot of branches down on the road as we drove there from the big storm last night.  The steam vents were what we expected steam rising from the ground.  They did not smell.  However there was lots of coins and garbage inside the vents. 

Stop 2:  The Hawaii Volcano Observatory and Jaggar Museum
The Kilauea Caldera was huge and had lots of steam coming out of it.   The museum was closed we arrived too early.  We saw a rainbow in the sky.  We didn’t want to waste time so we went on.

Stop 3:   Waiting for the road to open
The road is closed due to a tree down.  We waited for a while and it appears it will take at least an hour.  So we went to the ranger station and watched a video about volcanoes.  We went back to the Jagger museum.  Joe’s fun fact for today:  The big island was created from six volcanoes.   There is still one active under the ocean.  OK the road is still closed so we decided to move on to something else.

Stop 4:  Akaka Falls
It was about an hour drive away and we had to hike just a like bit through a rainforest but it was beautiful.  Joe even found another fun fact:  Akaka Falls is higher than the Niagara Falls. All the different types of leaves fascinated us and Joe found a green lizard.

Stop 5:  Real Lava Flow
We went to see actual lava flow.  It was slowly creeping through a town.  It had burned one house and covered a road.  Joe was very interested in how they covered the electric poles but not the telephone poles.  The lava was black, huge, gooey and hot.  The National Guard was there to make sure people did not try to climb on it. 

Stop 6:  Kilauea Iki Crater Overlook

Stop 7:  Lava Tubes
We walked through another rainforest to find a lava tube.  It was basically a tunnel made from lava 500 years ago.  That was very cool. 

Stop 8:
Now we were running out of time so we only had time to drive to Holei Sea Arch.  It was all the way down to the ocean.  I thought it was amazing.  I love being down by the ocean.   

We drove all the way back up the volcano to the Volcano House for dinner and then we went to the last stop of the day.

Stop 9:  The Hawaii Volcano Observatory
Why did we go back to see The Kilauea Caldera again, because when it is dark out you can see it glow.  That was awesome.  We got some great pictures. 

We did a lot of things today because it was our last full day in Hawaii. Today was my birthday as well.  

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